Are You Properly Insured for Hurricane Season?

Friday, August 6, 2010 - 5:46pm

Just two years ago, Hurricane Gustav ripped through Baton Rouge leaving massive damage mostly due to trees. Gustav wasn't even a major hurricane at the time of landfall. A major hurricane is a category three and above. Although you can never know how bad the impact of a hurricane will be, you can always make sure you are prepared. A simple acronym can ensure you're properly covered.

Brooke Cluse from State Farm says, "it's called KIT and it's very simple. There very important tips for hurricane preparedness. The first thing is Know. You need to know your insurance coverage - now is a great time to meet with your state farm agents or insurer to make sure you understand your coverage and deductable where storms apply. Send Inventory - make a home inventory, especially of your valuables and big ticket items. And then store it off premises if possible and take good photos of these things as well. And the last thing is to tune in. We want our customers to tune in and heed those weather warnings to protect their belongings and their families safety is always first. "

And don't forget to take detailed pictures of the damage. If you take pictures, you can continue cleanup to prevent further damage to your property without having to wait for an adjuster. Also, it's important that you know your entire policy. Most tree removal is covered if the tree has fallen and damaged your personal property.

Again for a complete list of what is covered under your policy, make sure you contact your insurance agent.

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