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VIDEO: Lost KS dog found 150 miles away, 9 months later

A Great Dane in Kansas made a great journey. He went off on a 150-mile walk by himself, over nine months. Now he's been found and reunited with his family.

Hunter saves cougar cubs in Oregon

Three newborn cougar cubs have a new home after a hunter killed their mother. For now, they're being cared for at the Oregon zoo. The hunter rescued them after realizing the cougar he killed had cubs.

Ohio Police find 62 dogs packed into man's broken down minivan

Police say an Indiana dog breeder whose minivan broke down in Licking County, Ohio was caught transporting 62 dogs, some just a few weeks old. For hours, they traveled four to five dogs per crate.

Pizza box used to lure Big Foot

Anthony Padilla is adamant about his encounters with an unidentified primate. A video he shot while walking through the woods has moments of odd tones made in the distance.

Hunting permit fundraiser for Black Rhino, sparks controversy

The Dallas Safari Club auctioned off a black rhino hunting permit in Namibia for $350,000, according to the club's public relations firm.

Dog survives near fatal snow plow accident thanks to NH community

When Molly was dropped off at All Better Pets in Manchester, New Hampshire three weeks ago she had four broken legs and was on the verge of being euthanized.

Dog saves owner's life

Doug Smith is alive thanks to his dog Zane. The Clearwater, Florida man was alone with his dog recently when he suffered a heart attack. Zane noticed something was not right and started barking loudly.

New ‘leash’ on life for inmates, pets

When you drive by the Airway Heights Corrections Center in Washington State you'll see a compound wrapped in barbed wire, surrounding by tall walls and bright lights, filled with hardened criminals.

Zoo animals stay warm year-round

We have another cold night ahead of us, and everyone's double checking to make sure they're ready for it. However, what about the zoo animals who aren't used to these frigid temperatures at all?

Keeping cows cozy in the cold

You're probably prepared for the cold along with your pets, but what about those animals that provide us with things we eat or in this case drink every day?

VIDEO: Kangaroo roams FL neighborhood

A small kangaroo is back with its sitter after getting loose in an Orlando, Florida neighborhood on Tuesday. Deputies were called to the subdivision in Orange County because of the loose animal.

Little girl's service dog sits in on life-saving surgery

Doctors at North Carolina's Duke University Medical Center sought the help of a one of a kind specialist today. No, this wasn't your typical expert, this one has four legs and is covered in fur.

ADI releases top success stories for animals in 2013

Animal Defenders International (ADI), a world-leading animal rights organization, has named their top ten animal rights success stories for 2013. The list includes campaign efforts launched all around the world.

'Whoa-Ga' gives yoga new meaning: woman teaches horse back riding with yoga poses

Horseback riding takes practice and of course skill. But what happens when you combine horseback riding with "downward-facing dog?” Well, you get ‘Whoa-Ga’.