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Alexandria police arrest 13-year-old seen abusing puppy in Facebook video

Alexandria Police charged a 13-year-old juvenile from Alexandria on Monday with one count of Cruelty to Animals after a video the boy posted on his Facebook page went viral.

BREC Zoo Tigers named Denver and Seattle predict Super Bowl XLVIII winner

We've all heard of animals who predict who's going to win the Super Bowl, like most recently Eli the Ape from Salt Lake City who predicted the Seahawks will take home the trophy.

TX Cow gets prosthetic legs after frostbite

Advances in prosthetics have improved the quality of life for millions of people who have lost limbs.

MN: Dog sled marathon finally has cold weather & snow

Excitement; it's a three syllable word that barely describes the mood at the start of the 30th annual John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon in Duluth, Minnesota.

RI man dies after loosing his dog

What started as a theft turned into a tragedy in Woonsocket, Rhode Island on Monday. Stuart Gast, 33, died after becoming distraught when someone stole his dog carrier.

CO residents protect pets from cold and mountain lions

Residents in Coal Creek Canyon near Golden, Clorado say mountain lions have been attacking pets. One dog was killed and another barely survived.

Sad end for stranded whales in Florida

Eight of the pilot whales that were stranded in shallow water near New Pass, Florida have died, and rescuers continue to search for six others.

VIDEO: Squirrels take over park in Mobile

Squirrels are over-running a park in downtown Mobile, Alabama. There are hundreds of squirrels scurrying and scampering about, and if you have food.

Poop powers WA power plant

Snohomish County Public Utility Managers in Washington State topped Puget Sound Energy in a bid to buy manure-generated power from digester operator near Monroe.

Wild bird spends days in TX Wal-Mart

An alert customer catches a troublesome bird on video multiple times. "When I hit the corner, my first reaction was, 'Really?'," said customer Ranell Roy.

Pythons: a growing fashion trend in FL

Designer Camille Zarsky believes she has a way of taking one of Florida's most notorious pests and turning it into a work of art.

VIDEO: Lost KS dog found 150 miles away, 9 months later

A Great Dane in Kansas made a great journey. He went off on a 150-mile walk by himself, over nine months. Now he's been found and reunited with his family.

Hunter saves cougar cubs in Oregon

Three newborn cougar cubs have a new home after a hunter killed their mother. For now, they're being cared for at the Oregon zoo. The hunter rescued them after realizing the cougar he killed had cubs.

Ohio Police find 62 dogs packed into man's broken down minivan

Police say an Indiana dog breeder whose minivan broke down in Licking County, Ohio was caught transporting 62 dogs, some just a few weeks old. For hours, they traveled four to five dogs per crate.

Pizza box used to lure Big Foot

Anthony Padilla is adamant about his encounters with an unidentified primate. A video he shot while walking through the woods has moments of odd tones made in the distance.