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Dog Park at Burbank Soccer Complex Closed for Tournament

BREC’s Dog Park at the Burbank Soccer Complex will be closed June 20-22 for the regional soccer tournament being held at the Burbank Complex, 12400 Burbank Dr. The park will reopen for regular hours to the public on June 23.

Local veterinarians want you to make sure your pets are ready this hurricane season

Most people make sure they have the essentials when a hurricane is headed our way, but don't forget to make sure your four-legged family members are prepared too.

Wildlife left homeless by recent flooding get help from Texas rescue organization

Dozens of animals, many injured and washed out of their homes by recent rains, have landed at the Texas Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Houston.

Fishermen hook extremely rare sawfish off Florida's Boynton Beach.

It was a pretty good day out on the boat for Dustin Richter Monday. "The kingfish almost took all the line out of my reel. Those fish are very strong and put up a good fight," said Richter.

LA first responders get trained in canine encounters

The Louisiana Animal Welfare Commission is partnering with Louisiana State Police to help first responders understand their encounters with canines.

OH teen catches 'River Monster' swimming in flooded street

Monday night's rains brought a lot of flooding and, according to viewer Jeremiah Sawyer of North Royalton, Ohio, it also brought a "river monster" into the streets.

Cat rockets to fame after attacking dog that was mauling little boy

It's a remarkable rescue caught on video that has been watched across the country: A 4-year-old boy's pet cat saved him from a dog attack in Bakersfield, California.

Pet cat comes to rescue when boy is viciously attacked by dog

The pet cat came to the rescue after a dog attacked a four year old boy. Security cameras captured the dramatic footage as the boy was seen riding his bike.

Exotic animal preserve provides educational opportunities for students young, old

Camels and kangaroos bring up visions of far-away lands. But thousands of local children are learning that the world is small because they can find animals from all over the world living together in East Feliciana Parish.

Dog dials 911 to save Ohio war vet from seizure

"He gets hyper like that right before i have a seizure," said Terry McGlade. He was on the ground.

Fishermen reel in pregnant hammerhead shark & help her deliver 20 pups

A group of Florida fishermen lured in a big catch last week: an injured 12-foot hammerhead shark that held a shocking surprise. "People call me crazy but, I'd rather save a fish," says fisherman Noe Campos.

CAA: 'We are swimming in puppies and kittens'

Officials with the Companion Animal Alliance say they're having a problem with more pets coming to the shelter.

Class teaches how to save pets and people during disaster

When a disaster happens sometimes animals need to be saved too.

Pet owners increasingly choose hospice care for their furry family members

Pet owners are increasingly choosing not to take their old or sick animals to the veterinarian. Instead, they let the vet come to them. 

MD transportation officials create new nesting area for osprey living on traffic camera

Maryland transportation officials have installed a nesting platform for a persistent osprey who built nests that blocked traffic cameras by the Chesapeake Bay Bridge.