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Fisherman catches 12ft Tiger Shark off Texas coast

A fisherman reeled in what's being called the catch of a lifetime, just five miles off the coast of Port Aransas, Texas After a seven hour fight Ryan Spring reeled in a 12 foot, 7-inch tiger shark, about the size of his boat.

Duck and dog make unlikely best friend duo in North Carolina

An unlikely pair is turning heads on the North Carolina coast: a duck who thinks he is a dog, and a dog who has become best friends with the duck, and can be spotted playing, swimming and sleeping together.

New Orleans woman teaches sign language to movie apes

New Orleans, LA (WGNO) -- "I thought they did an excellent job," says Shari Bernius from the Archdiocese of New Orleans' offices in the CBD. "It was as realistic as possible."

LA city thinks progressively about cat overpopulation

Most cats brought to Caddo Parish Animal Services won't ever leave. Chances are they'll be put down. This year more that 76% of the cats brought in to Caddo's Animal Services have been euthanized.

Yogie and Friends Exotic Cat Sanctuary struggles to remain open in North LA

Yogie and Friends Exotic Cat Sanctuary has been a Class C Exhibitor facility in good standing since 2000.

South LA has 4-legged duckling

Hatching animals is nothing new to one Sulphur, Louisiana family, but they were surprised when one of their young ducklings was a little different. The duckling has not two but four legs.

Therapy dog makes dental visits less "ruff" for Seattle patients

 Monica Johnson is so terrified of going to the dentist, she went 15 years without an appointment. "It's not gonna happen," she says. "I feel like a chicken. I wish I could explain it."

MN residents say new pet noise ordinance impossible to implement

A heated debate is dividing the town of Wadena, Minnesota. A new pet ordinance has passed, and some in the community are calling it ridiculous.

Small enclosures reportedly cause zoochosis in animals

By Amanda Taylor Salt Lake City, UT (KSL) -- Animals in zoos unused to the conditions and close quarters of their enclosures can develop mental health issues, experts say.

AZ: 20 dogs die from heat in kennel, police investigating owners

By Ben Brumfield and Cristy Lenz CNN (CNN) -- Heat. There's been plenty of it to go around in Arizona these first days of summer -- literally and politically -- after the air conditioning went out at a dog kennel.

Singing woman leaps into lion cage at Memphis Zoo, tosses cookies

A woman was uninjured after entering a lion exhibit at the Memphis Zoo in an attempt to feed the big cats cookies. Visitors contacted Memphis Zoo security when the woman jumped the barrier into the lions' enclosure.

Dog Park at Burbank Soccer Complex Closed for Tournament

BREC’s Dog Park at the Burbank Soccer Complex will be closed June 20-22 for the regional soccer tournament being held at the Burbank Complex, 12400 Burbank Dr. The park will reopen for regular hours to the public on June 23.

Local veterinarians want you to make sure your pets are ready this hurricane season

Most people make sure they have the essentials when a hurricane is headed our way, but don't forget to make sure your four-legged family members are prepared too.

Wildlife left homeless by recent flooding get help from Texas rescue organization

Dozens of animals, many injured and washed out of their homes by recent rains, have landed at the Texas Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Houston.

Fishermen hook extremely rare sawfish off Florida's Boynton Beach.

It was a pretty good day out on the boat for Dustin Richter Monday. "The kingfish almost took all the line out of my reel. Those fish are very strong and put up a good fight," said Richter.