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Meeting being held to decide Ascension Parish Animal Control Center's fate

The Ascension Parish Animal Control Center could be shut down. Parish leaders say there aren't enough funds to keep it open.

LDAF warns horse owners of potential virus

The Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry (LDAF) is monitoring the Equine Herpes Virus-1 (EHV-1) outbreak at the Horse Shows in the Sun (HITS) equestrian event in Ocala, Florida.

ASPCA Names CAA of Baton Rouge a participant in the Carroll Petrie Foundation Dog Rescue Project

The Companion Animal Alliance of Baton Rouge announced that it has been selected by the ASPCA® (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals®) to participate in The Carroll Petrie Foundation Dog Rescue Project, a n

Man finds injured cat in his car engine after 15 mile drive to work

Sometimes your morning commute can get a little hairy. A Pennsylvania man found that out this week when he heard an odd noise and later discovered a cat in his engine.

Concerned neighbors ask for Animal Control to seize horses

Baker resident Karen Moreau says it's hard to look across the fence at her neighbors three horses.

Dog shot multiple times while tied to a tree, police seek suspects

Police are currently seeking two men who allegedly shot and killed a dog while it was tied to a tree. Witnesses described the killing as a disturbing act of cruelty.

Unusual weather takes its toll on gentle aquatic mammals

 Manatees are dying in surprising numbers in Florida's Brevard County. Of the four dead manatees reported, one was only about two weeks old.

Security camera footage shows man smash huge aquarium inside pet store, dooming the fish inside

Vandals smashed two fish tanks and destroyed 20 years of Bob Schenck's hard work Wednesday night. "It's disheartening that's for sure," Schenck said Friday.

'Kangaroo Dog' is winning hearts over

Victory is a 1-year-old Chihuahua mix born with malformed front legs is winning hearts.

Volunteers drive dogs to shelters miles away to help find them homes

For some dogs, Interstate 81 Northbound is the road to freedom. It's a little like the Pony Express, but it's the Puppy Express, a second chance for dogs who no one thought would be alive today.

Escaped emu injured in attack by dogs

A stray emu injured in an attack by dogs is getting a second chance. Robert Christie noticed the bird in his northeast Hillsborough County backyard and immediately started looking for help.

Baby gorilla abandoned by her mother has a new home

People at Texas' Gladys Porter Zoo are flocking to the Small World section to take some final pictures of this cute baby gorilla before she leaves.

Dog groomer arrested for severe allegations of animal abuse

A dog groomer in Slidell was arrested today for serious allegations of animal abuse. Although she admitted to using discipline, she denies being abusive.

Man reunited with dog he lost 10 years ago

 A reunion ten years in the making was well worth the wait for a man, and his best friend. "She walked right up and started licking me on the cheek," said Jamie Carpentier.

World famous skiing squirrel's history is marked by tragedy and triumph

 He's the squirrel who's inspired countless YouTube posts and television newscast kickers.