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Long-lost cat is returned to owners after disappearing 13 years ago

On Thursday, a San Diego couple was reunited with their long lost cat. In Bandit's case, what happens in Vegas, really does stay in vegas. He went missing back in 2000 when the Corsos lived northwest of the strip.

CAA launches lost pet search tool

In order to help people find their pets, CAA has started a new email address for Baton Rouge families to contact when their animal goes missing. It is which can also be found on our website

Wild turkeys flock to woman's backyard

After being cooped up all winter it could be nice to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors. However, for Darlene Thompson nature is knocking the back door of her Rochester, Minnesota home.

Dog tattoos cruel or prudent?

A North Carolina man's decision to put tattoos on his two dogs is drawing yelps of criticism and wagging tails of support across social media.

Off-duty firefighter saves osprey chick when it falls from nest

An off duty firefighter has rescued a baby bird in big trouble. Perched up on a pole, another osprey sat all alone. 100 feet below, firefighter Mike McCarty spotted its sibling on the road.

Giant panda gets artificially inseminated

Birds do it. Bees do it. But giant pandas may need a little help.

Seven bald eagles cling to life after eating poisoned remains of euthanized horse

Sharon Thomas couldn't believe what she saw when she took a walk on her property near Winlock, Washington last Friday. "I got the binoculars, was unable to tell what it was," she said.

Great Dane finds elderly man after he slips and falls on ice

A dog in Sparta, Michigan is credited with saving its 89-year-old neighbor's life.

Endangered piglet born at Audubon Zoo

Fig is the fourth piglet born at Audubon Zoo since 2005. She was born January 24th. Figs happen to be one of the Babirusas favorite fruits in the wild.

Abandoned and dying dogs roam streets in Livingston Parish

With no animal shelter or animal control facilities in Livingston Parish, the parish has seen its fair share of animal related problems. One man is speaking out about the huge issue in his neighborhood.

Big black bears in the backyard

People living in Patterson say there is a big bear problem in their city. They're frustrated Louisiana black bears keep coming in to their yards and littering their lawns.

Pit bull to be euthanized after vicious attack on 9-year-old child

A pit bull is scheduled to be put to sleep after attacking a 9-year-old child in Henderson last week. On Tuesday, March 12, Rusk County deputies were sent to a local hospital on reports of a dog bite.

Dog's feet cut off, comes to New Orleans to get new ones

When Fabio enters the Hotel Monteleone, heads turn and ladies swoon. “He is a gentleman with class, grace and style, very well-behaved little boy,” says foster mom Joani Ellis from Florida Poodle Rescue.

New Orleans Fairgrounds holds crawfish boil benefitting the Louisiana Horse Rescue Association today

The fourth annual Fair Grounds Crawfish Boil Benefitting the Louisiana Horse Rescue Association is set for Monday evening, 5-7 p.m., on the first floor of the Grandstand (west side).