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Abandoned and dying dogs roam streets in Livingston Parish

With no animal shelter or animal control facilities in Livingston Parish, the parish has seen its fair share of animal related problems. One man is speaking out about the huge issue in his neighborhood.

Big black bears in the backyard

People living in Patterson say there is a big bear problem in their city. They're frustrated Louisiana black bears keep coming in to their yards and littering their lawns.

Pit bull to be euthanized after vicious attack on 9-year-old child

A pit bull is scheduled to be put to sleep after attacking a 9-year-old child in Henderson last week. On Tuesday, March 12, Rusk County deputies were sent to a local hospital on reports of a dog bite.

Dog's feet cut off, comes to New Orleans to get new ones

When Fabio enters the Hotel Monteleone, heads turn and ladies swoon. “He is a gentleman with class, grace and style, very well-behaved little boy,” says foster mom Joani Ellis from Florida Poodle Rescue.

New Orleans Fairgrounds holds crawfish boil benefitting the Louisiana Horse Rescue Association today

The fourth annual Fair Grounds Crawfish Boil Benefitting the Louisiana Horse Rescue Association is set for Monday evening, 5-7 p.m., on the first floor of the Grandstand (west side).

Three horses seized from Baker man's home

Animal control officers and sheriff's deputies seized a trio of horses Friday morning after months of complaints. The team arrived at Don Pedigo's house around 10:00 a.m. and presented him an ultimatum.

Woman in critical condition after dog attack

A Westwego woman continues to fight for her life at University Hospital. Police in Westwego say Linda Henry, 54, was viciously attacked by her own pit bulls Wednesday afternoon at her home on Avenue A.

Box-o-bear cubs: Family makes unusual find on South Carolina road

Three bear cubs were found in a cardboard box along the side of an Oconee County road last week.

'Grumpy Cat' visits Texas for music festival

It ain't easy being "meme." The Internet sensation known as "Grumpy Cat" made an appearance at the South by Southwest music festival in Austin, Texas.

Animal control keeping close eye on neglected horses in Baker

Three under-fed horses in Baker are under serious supervision by animal control.

Pet frogs carrying Salmonella make kids sick

Raw meat is a notorious Salmonella carrier. It can also be found on unclean kitchen counters. An investigation published this week in the journal of Pediatrics suggests we should also look for the deadly bacteria in pet frogs.

Family dog injured by black bear in Patterson neighborhood

A dog was recently injured in St. Mary Parish after it attempted to chase away a black bear. Officials warn residents that this is a peak time of the year to see an increase of bear activity.

Cincinnati Zoo employees don furry disguises during interaction with abandoned baby gorilla

Getting the Cincinnati Zoo's latest baby used to its new home will turn out to be a group effort.

Angry bees attack Tampa city workers

There was a stinging surprise near the entrance to Picnic Island Park in Port Tampa. Two Tampa city Parks and Recreation workers uncovered thousands of bees as they used a front-end loader to remove an old bench and a tire.

Woman works to help deer with arrow lodged in its face

A deer found near Washougal, Washington was recovering Tuesday after being shot in the face with an arrow.