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Baby gorilla abandoned by her mother has a new home

People at Texas' Gladys Porter Zoo are flocking to the Small World section to take some final pictures of this cute baby gorilla before she leaves.

Dog groomer arrested for severe allegations of animal abuse

A dog groomer in Slidell was arrested today for serious allegations of animal abuse. Although she admitted to using discipline, she denies being abusive.

Man reunited with dog he lost 10 years ago

 A reunion ten years in the making was well worth the wait for a man, and his best friend. "She walked right up and started licking me on the cheek," said Jamie Carpentier.

World famous skiing squirrel's history is marked by tragedy and triumph

 He's the squirrel who's inspired countless YouTube posts and television newscast kickers.

Man fights for his dog's life, claiming vicious mauling of a 6-year-old boy was an 'accident'

A public hearing will decide the fate of a dog that attacked a 6-year-old boy, leaving him with wounds requiring surgery and 400 stitches.

Trash collector rescues puppy found in garbage bag

A sanitation department employee saved a puppy after the dog was thrown away in the garbage.

Odd creatures wash ashore on Washington beach

It started with a few sightings here and there. Now a strange sea creature, a salp, is showing up on beaches and in crab pots up and down the Washington Coast, raising curiosity and concerns.

Meet the Pigzilla of East Texas

East Texas is cattle country. But for one New Summerfield family they have made raising pigs a lucrative business

Meet Chris P. Bacon, the disabled pig capturing attention of the world

The world's latest Internet sensation, Chris P. Bacon, lives in a small veterinary clinic in Clermont, Florida.

Emaciated cat found 8 weeks after disappearing, miraculously survived

They say cats have nine lives and Tom the Tabby is proving that to be true. One Sunday in late November, he didn't show up. Weeks went by.

Hundreds of escaped crickets trigger chaos in University of New Hampshire dorm

Chaos broke out at the University of New Hampshire's campus when hundreds of crickets escape an enclosure a couple weeks ago.

Surveillance camera shows thief steal woman's truck, trailer and beloved horse

Surveillance cameras were rolling when a thief stole a Texas woman's pickup truck and the trailer it was towing, with her horse inside. Linda Lee said she did everything she could to keep her horse and property safe.

Abandoned pig roams Wyoming wilderness with horse herd

Wilbur the pig was abandoned nearly three years ago near Riverton, Wyoming and now wanders from place to place spending time with his horse friends.

Look inside CAA, group's changes to protect pets

The Companion Animal Alliance is in the process of reviewing its company policies and transitioning in a new shelter director.

NOPD looking for responsible party for black swan injury

Police in New Orleans are searching for whoever injured a black swan and broke five of her eggs. The swan is the only one of its kind at New Orleans City Park.