All About Animals

Fitness tracking gadgets go to the dogs

What is your dog doing right now? Is he taking a nap? Furiously digging a hole in your garden? Watching "Ellen" and nibbling on a throw pillow?

Stray animals of EBR to gain new home at LSU Vet school

The stray dogs and cats of East Baton Rouge Parish are getting a new home.

Kitten deliberately run over in New Orleans, Humane Society offers $500 for info leading to arrest

The Humane Society of Louisiana says a New Orleans animal advocate saw a driver deliberately run over a kitten on the Crescent City Connection.

Giant lizard named for Jim Morrison tells tale of climate change

To get through the long, tedious hours sitting in the fossil archives at the University of California-Berkeley, Jason Head would listen to the hypnotic sounds of The Doors.

One year anniversary of 'Joseph’s Journey' to be celebrated with festival

One year ago we introduced you Joseph, an emaciated dog rescued from the street by a concerned citizen and given to YELP! Baton Rouge for survival.

Runaway cow causes car crash in Covington; missing animal may be seriously injured

Police are looking for a runaway cow that caused a crash in Covington. They believe the animal is injured and in need of medical attention.

VIDEO: Police dog puts paw on officer's casket during emotional farewell

There was a somber farewell in Kentucky last week for the police officer killed in an ambush.

Couple charged with 27 counts of animal cruelty for condition of home; children removed by state

A couple’s compassion for stray animals created a dangerous and toxic environment for their two children, as well as the animals they were hoping to save.

Florida zoo is home to newborn endangered Indian rhinoceros

Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa has a newborn worth seeing.

Bidders hoping to secure a massive hairball removed from a Florida man's pet tiger

Representatives from Ripley's Believe It or Not! Museums want to get their hands on the four pound hairball that was taken out of a tiger's stomach in Clearwater, Florida. They were even willing to pay for it.

Company's 'doggie IQ' test helps you get a better picture of your canine's personality and capabilities

A small North Carolina company is getting global attention for unlocking the formula to how dogs think.

Man faces felony theft charge for sheltering stray dog

An act of compassion landed an East Feliciana man with warrant for his arrest on a felony theft charge. It all started when he found a stray dog on his property.

Overweight dogs get a personal trainer guided workout on the treadmill

If your pooch is a porker, don't worry. There is help. Nick Arkon is a canine personal trainer. "I love animals and I want to see animals in a healthy state of mind," he explains.

TX police officer arrested for animal cruelty after shooting cat with arrow

Veterinarians from South Texas Veterinary Specialists are treating a cat after he was allegedly shot with an arrow by an off-duty Boerne police officer Tuesday evening.

Pit bull found in median on I-110 had to be euthanized due to injuries

A stray pit bull spotted in the grassy median of I-110 had to be euthanized due to severe internal injuries.