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How does the BR Zoo get ready for freezing temperatures?

Walking into the Baton Rouge Zoo, I honestly didn't expect to see any animals. 

Puppy survives knitting needle through heart

You can't tell from her wagging tail what a troubled tale Tutti could tell.

VIRAL VIDEO: Adorable little girl explains how cow got in home

CUTE ALERT! An absolutely adorable video of a little girl explaining to her mother how the cow got into her home has gone viral.

Cat survives for 36 days trapped inside box

The story is hard to believe, but owner Ashley Barth and the veterinarian’s office where her cat is being treated say it’s true: Mee Moowe the cat survived a month-long trip across the country without food or water.

Moreauville repeals controversial 'vicious dog' ban

Monday evening, the Village of Moreauville voted to repeal a controversial "vicious dog" ban ordinance that forced owners of pit bulls and Rottweilers to get rid of their pets, or they would be taken to a vet for "further disposi

Moreauville holds off on pit bull ban after worldwide outcry

The Village of Moreauville is putting plans to officially enact its pit bull and Rottweiler ban on hold.

Louisiana family fights to save pit bull from being 'impounded'

A family in Moreauville, Louisiana is pleading with their village to overturn an ordinance that would force them to get rid of their beloved family pet.

Unlikely Trio: Minnesota Cats treat duck as one of their own

Losing a beloved pet leaves a space that is hard to fill.

Service dog helps wheelchair-bound MI teacher in the classroom

It's fourth period and sophomore Rachel Kempf is at Saginaw, Michigan's Heritage High School to learn French. "It's a really nice class," says Kempf.

Colorado man's dog lost 8 years ago turns up in Atlanta

Mike Nuanes' jaw dropped when a voice on the end of the phone call said, "We've got a dog here that's yours."

Bear cub roams aisles of Oregon pharmacy

A story so cute you'll bearly believe it. A one-month-old bear cub, roamed the aisles inside a Rite Aid in southern Oregon, on Sunday. Perhaps in search of some treats?

Texas vet clinic uses indoor pool to rehab pets

Lewisville, TX (KDAF) -- We all get aches and pains every once in a while, and our four legged friends get them, too.

Facebook alert helps CA woman find stolen bulldog

Stockton, CA (KTXL) -- A bulldog stolen from a Lodi home over a month ago was tracked down in Stockton and returned to her owner.

St. Tammany Parish starts new program for inmates, canines

The St. Tammany Parish Jail started a new program. They're training inmates to raise service dogs. The dogs can help war veterans or anyone who wants to give them a good home.

Rare albino hummingbird spotted at North LA home

Take a look at this: an albino hummingbird, nicknamed Miracle. You can see the completely white bird snacking on sugar from a bird feeder.