Wilbur gains first chance since being left for dead in trash to feel like one of the pack

Wilbur gains first chance since being left for dead in trash to feel like one of the pack
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POSTED: Monday, October 15, 2012 - 3:30pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, October 31, 2012 - 10:15am

He’s not a pretty dog. In fact, he was affectionately named Wilbur because he looked more like a little pig than a dog when he was found. This weekend, however, he showed off some new fur and got to feel like one of the pack.
“His skin condition has improved immensely and he has ‘peach fuzz’ all over his body,” Andrea LaFever, President of SOS Rescue of Baton Rouge, said.

Wilbur, who’s starting to look a little more like a dog, made his first public appearance on Saturday, Oct. 13 at the PetSmart located on Siegen Lane. It’s been a long road to recovery for the purebred dog that was thrown away in a trash bag while he was still alive.

“He was in such bad shape that he couldn’t stand up,” LaFever said about his original condition.

When Wilbur was found he had very little fur on his body, was covered with flees, he could barely see because of an eye infection, and his ears were painfully infected as well. But his rescuers say his condition is improving by the day.

“He was checked by the vet on Wednesday. His ears have healed extremely well and his eyes look great,” LaFever said. “His eye medication will be a lifelong need, but we are hoping that his ears will only need medication periodically.”

Wilbur does still have a lingering issue. Tomorrow, Tuesday, Oct. 16, a growth on his chest will be removed and analyzed for cancer cells. Assuming all goes well, Wilbur will be that much closer to finding a full-time home.

Wilbur is a purebred Wheaten Scottie Terrier that was found abandoned in a trash bag in the Goodwood area on Friday, Sept. 21. He is receiving treatment via SOS Rescue of Baton Rouge through donations. The rescue group believes Wilbur was owned by a backyard breeder and was discarded when his medical condition prevented him from reproducing.

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when you say goodwood area are talking east of west of Airline? I cannot imagine anyone in our neighborhood doing this to a dog. I live west of Airline in Old Goodwood and we have a walk trail with doggie station and even had a doggie water fountain installed in our local neighborhood park.

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