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Protesters question CAA's 'no kill' initiative, CAA responds

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POSTED: Monday, May 21, 2012 - 5:45pm

UPDATED: Sunday, August 5, 2012 - 1:49pm

Protesters outside the Companion Animal Alliance say they hope the protest raises awareness of what they call CAA's opposition of the “no kill” initiative.

Demonstrators says they're against the CAA taking three to five years before being a completely no kill shelter.

They also are protesting CAA ending the use of a Facebook page where animals that don't get adopted in a certain span of time will be euthanized.

They say the non-profit organization is murdering animals.

“Now, these animals are going to be killed regardless of the list or not, and now people think, ‘Oh great, there’s no list, so they’re not being killed.’ They are being killed,” stated former CAA volunteer Christine Grenat. “Now, nobody knows about it, and they don't have a chance to live.”

Another former CAA volunteer, Helen Morales adds, “I don't sleep at night because of the picture of animals being dragged into a room, being killed for no reason. That is what I think of when I lay my head down at night.”

In a statement, CAA says they're working to improve conditions at the shelter and reduce the euthanasia rate. The statement reads in part:

“We are working tirelessly on both goals, and in a short period of time, have significantly reduced the euthanasia rate, and can now report that 60% of the animals are leaving alive. Humane treatment of the animals sheltered is also paramount to CAA, shelter advocates and the Metro Council.” 

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It seems to much killing, animals getting sick in their care & poor record keeping are being ignored or not addressed by authorities. Why can't 90% to 95% be saved? Where are the off-site adoptions? Where are available pets on-line to be seen by everyone? Why are pets getting sick there? Why are basic records so messed up & poor excuses made for excess killing?

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