Nebraska man makes orthodic braces for dogs

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011 - 1:15pm

We think of athletes blowing ACLs, but you may be surprised to know that 200,000 dogs across the country suffer the same injury every year.

The solution is surgery, or a life of pain.

Now a Benkelman, Nebraska man is creating a unique way to ease a dog's injury.

Ben Blecha believes what's good enough for a human is good enough for a man's best friend.

He's expanding his prosthetics and orthodics company, Ace Ortho Solutions, by offering a line for canine clients.

"For animals, it was all brand new so I was designing, inventing new things to do with the animals and that's always interested me," says Blecha.

In 2005 Blecha started working with a Colorado veterinarian from the cable TV network Animal Planet, to design a brace for injured dogs.

The braces can be used instead of leg surgery or as treatment afterward.

"We went through several iterations of the brace design and all that had to be with the dog in front of you because trying to talk on the phone and work out all those kinks were tough," Blecha ays.

Vets and owners all around the world can now properly cast a dog's injured leg.

They then send the cast to Ace Ortho Solutions.

The company then sends the custom made brace back for the vet or owners to put on.

They can do this all with the internet.

"Now, we're touching the whole world from Benkelman and to me, that's a neat thing," smiles Blecha.

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