Lost dog treks from Tennessee to Michigan

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011 - 12:32pm

How 4-year-old dog, Petey, managed to get from Erin, Tennesse to Rochester Hills, Michigan is a mystery.

Regardless of how the dog got so lost, his owner, Jack Arrighi, had a microchip placed in Petey, and that's precisely how he found him.

The Humane Society was able to track down Petey thanks to the microchip.

A happy ending to this lost-dog story couldn't have come at a better time for Arrighi.

His wife died two weeks ago.

He believes she somehow played a part in bringing Petey home.

"My wife passed away on the the 12th of this month," he said. "That was terrible. I didn't handle
that very good."

Arrighi, 77, can't make the drive up to Michigan to get Petey, so the Humane Society will bring the dog to him.

Volunteer Nancy Greiser and her friend will drive about 1,100 miles, round trip, starting Wednesday.

Greiser fosters dogs from the Michigan Humane Society.

Of her three beagles, two were fosters that somehow never managed to make it back to the shelter.

She is more than happy to give her time to see Petey gets home to Tennessee.

"This is one of those stories, where, how can you not feel compassion?" Greiser said.

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