Large buck jumps into house through window & wreaks havoc

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POSTED: Saturday, October 20, 2012 - 11:00pm

UPDATED: Saturday, October 20, 2012 - 11:04pm

A wayward deer demolished a Fayetteville, Arkansas man's bedroom Wednesday after leaping through his window.

"I was shocked to see it in the first place, but I certainly had never heard of a buck bounding through somebody's window like that," says David Riggs, who saw the buck crash into his neighbor's hosue.

"It was a fairly large buck, a 6-point," says Fayetteville animal control officer John Hart.

It was interrupting Randy Abercrombie's morning routine of taking the trash out.

"As I put the lid down, I heard a God-awful noise," Abercrombie says.

"He just missed it, it happened so quickly," Riggs says.

Riggs saw the prancing prowler leap right into Abercrombie's, front bedroom.

"Trying to explain across the street that a buck just jumped through your window, probably didn't make a lot of sense at 7:20," Riggs says.

Initially, Abercrombie decided to handle the problem himself.

"I picked up one of the kid's car seats to use as a shield," Abercrombie says.

And his first thought?

"Where's my gun, and then I realized my gun was in the closet where he was," he laughs.

After taking a peak inside the deer-damaged room, he changed his mind.

"I decided, whoa, this ain't going to work, that's when I shut the door and called animal control," Abercrombie says.

John Hart, along with two other Fayetteville animal control officers, put together a plan.

"The deer was trapped inside that bedroom for about 45 minutes," Hart says.

The animal was temporarily tranqulized and later gently released back out into the wild.

But the scene it left behind was far from a Bambi movie.

"As you can see on the rest of the video, he made a mess," Abercrombie says.

Ruining a waterbed, laptop and a senior picture with sentimental value.

Despite a few losses, the Abercrombie family looks at the bright side.

"Hey, sun is going to some up in the morning," Abercrombie says.

Let's just hope no more deer come with it.

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