Investigation for neglect at Animal Control

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POSTED: Thursday, August 25, 2011 - 2:27pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, August 31, 2011 - 12:00pm

Accusations of neglect and inhumane conditions at East Baton Rouge Parish Animal Control have sparked an investigation. That's after the non profit humane society, Companion Animal Alliance (CAA) took over shelter operations on August 1st. Since then, the number of animals there has nearly doubled, leaving kennels crowded and some animals in temporary cages.

CAA says that can be shocking, and they are not surprised that an unexpected visit Wednesday morning, resulted in a formal complaint.

"Right now we have 16 staff members up from 11, cleaning. They arrive at 7 in the morning. So if you arrive at 7 in the morning with the staff's arriving at 7 in the morning, it is going to be smelly; it is going to be something that you're not used to," says CAA Director Laura Hinze. EBR Animal Control Director

Hilton Cole can not comment on the situation until he completes an investigation into complaints. We're told even if the neglect charge is found to be true that doesn't mean CAA will lose control of the adoption center and shelter. They could just have more regulations put in place, and have regular monitoring mandated.

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The neglect was there before CAA, I promise you that based on first hand experience. This is WHY CAA now has control of sheltering operations. I have many photos and documentation of the kind of suffering that was happening before CAA came onto the scene.

I as well have been in the facility and found it to be horrific. Cruelity and inhumane to say the least.

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