Hungry dog gulps down wedge of cheese and knife

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POSTED: Thursday, February 23, 2012 - 2:30pm

UPDATED: Thursday, February 23, 2012 - 2:34pm

 A 118 pound Bull Mastiff is recovering after having a knife removed from her stomach.

The dog, named Bean, swallowed a three inch knife and a wedge of cheese.

'She ate a whole wheel of cheese. The plastic that it was wrapped in, she ate everything. It was about a pound of cheese,' said, Sean Berte, Bean's owner. 'I looked for the knife in the couch and underneath the couch, and underneath the rugs, but I knew she had eaten it.'

'.....The dog basically leapt up and grabbed the knife and grabbed the cheese and swallowed it,' said Dr. Michael Pavletic, director of surgery at Angell Memorial Hospital.

Doctors at Angell Animal Medical Center had to perform surgery to remove the knife.

'When Bean was presented, we took radio graphs and confirmed that yes indeed there was a knife there,' said Pavletic. 'And based on its size we had to remove it surgically.'

This is not the first time the doctors have seen something like this.

'We see a lot of foreign bodies and some of them are seasonal, for instance during the summer, during cookouts, we see a lot of corn cobs, peach pits, even teriyaki sticks what are used for barbequing,' said Pavletic. 'But we've removed anything from socks, undergarments, towels, parts of the rug.'

'She's eaten everything. Anything she can get her hands on she'll eat. But the knife is what kind of really put the fear in me,' said Berte.

As for Bean, she is fine and at home recovering.

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