Elvis the croc attacks lawnmower

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Wednesday, December 28, 2011 - 7:00pm

Elvis, who could be the meanest crocodile in Australia, has done it again.

The huge salt-water croc lunged from his pool at a reptile park and attacked a running lawnmower and drug it into his pool.

The engine cut off when it hit the water, but the blades still took two of Elvis' teeth.

Elvis continued to guard the mower and wouldn't let his keepers get it out of the pool. Elvis is 16-feet long and weighs a half ton.

Elvis has a history of bad behavior. He was captured in 2008 after climbing aboard fishing boats.

"The plan is to get that mower out firstly,” Time Faulkner, handler of Elvis, explained. “I'll just try and drag it backwards, lure the croc around the other side, because he's dropped two monstrous teeth whilst he attacked the mower. And then we'll get those teeth out."

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