Concerned citizen saves animals from further animal cruelty

Concerned citizen saves animals from further animal cruelty
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POSTED: Friday, July 20, 2012 - 10:00am

UPDATED: Sunday, August 5, 2012 - 1:49pm

A terrible case of animal cruelty in St. Martinville was brought to light by a concerned citizen. Now, the owner is locked up in the Parish Jail after investigators found more than what they were originally expecting to see.

“A local resident called animal control and told them they suspected that these animals were being mistreated [at a home on West Berards Street],” Sgt. Lance Laviolette, St. Martinville Police Department, explained. “Once animal control arrived, he called out the police and we tracked down the owner.”

Edmae Vital was arrested on Wednesday, July 18 and booked into the St. Martin Parish Prison. She is accused of four counts of Aggravated Cruelty to animals, and six counts of Simple Cruelty to Animals.

“There were multiple dogs and chickens outside of her home. One chicken was dead, and I believe some of the puppies were missing limbs,” Sgt. Laviolette described. “The animals were also without food or water.”

At least one dog was suffering from a deep gash in its neck.

“All of the animals are now at animal control and they will do their best to treat them,” Sgt. Laviolette noted.

Although the sight of the animals was horrific, investigators believe it could have been worse had the concerned citizen not stepped in.

“I have to commend the person who called in this abuse,” Sgt. Laviolette concluded. “It takes the public coming forward to prevent things like this from happening or getting this bad.”


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Nothing pisses me off as much as a selfish person who causes harm to innocent animals, through willful abuse/neglect. There's absolutely no excuse. I see no reason why penalities/fines/jail time for such offences shouldn't be stiffened more than any other legal offence possible.

All serial killers & murderers were one time animal abusers. Animal abuse is one thought away from people abuse. Children should be taught early about the sancticity of living beings.

This woman needs felony charges brought to her as 2 of the pups have now passed away from her lack of care!

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