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Comet and Dancer escape from 'Santa Joe' during a visit to a Texas school

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POSTED: Friday, December 16, 2011 - 10:08am

UPDATED: Friday, December 16, 2011 - 11:24am

Two reindeer hit the ground running in Webster, Texas after a trailer hauling them came loose, popped open and the animals jumped out.

Webster police received several phone calls Wednesday at 8 a.m. about the runaway reindeer, which are part of a petting zoo, dashing near Interstate 45.

"I am traveling on I-45 North. There are two loose reindeer on the highway," a woman told a 911 dispatcher.

"There's a guy approaching them right now," another caller told a 911 dispatcher.

"An older man with a beard?" the dispatcher asked. "I'm really not being funny. I swear I'm not."

It was an older man with a beard -- Santa Joe.

He was on his way to a school to show the reindeer to children when Comet and Dancer got loose.

"I was worried about the reindeer getting hit," Santa Joe said. "I was worried about them causing an accident. All these things go through your mind."

Colton Carson saw the reindeer running on the road.

"I thought it was elk at first," Carson said. "It was kind of shocking. We just stopped on the feeder, jumped out and got them."

The reindeer were not hurt.

"I'm just so happy that they're OK," Santa Joe said. "God blessed them and me."

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