Baby lechwe born at BREC Zoo

Baby lechwe born at BREC Zoo
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Wednesday, December 7, 2011 - 1:00pm

BREC’s Baton Rouge Zoo is excited to announce the birth of a female Nile lechwe. She was born Monday, December 5 and is doing well on exhibit with mom.

At birth, the lechwe weighs about 13 or 14 pounds, and the female will grow to be about 2.8 feet high at the shoulder and weigh up to 198 lbs. Native to the floodplains of the Nile River Valley, the Nile lechwe belongs to a family of African antelope known as Reduncines. Most are found in southern Sudan and some in western Ethiopia.

“This baby is an important birth at our Zoo,” said Sam Winslow, assistant director and general curator. “A female Nile lechwe will help us continue to have a strong, breeding herd.”

A special feature for this antelope is its longer hooves. Unlike most antelope, these hooves are great for walking and running in wet, swampy environments, a helpful adaptation for their habitat that experiences regular flooding.


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