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Animal rights groups concerned about mistreated cow, sheep

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POSTED: Tuesday, August 16, 2011 - 8:41pm

UPDATED: Monday, August 22, 2011 - 4:38pm

A West Baton Rouge business is attracting attention from animal rights activists all over the country. The people who run Kissner's Feed Store are mistreating the animals on their property. However, the Kissners say their animals, a horse, a cow, several sheep, chickens, ducks and peacocks are well cared for.

Pam Leavy, with CAAWS, says she was shocked when she visited the store to take a look at the animals. "It's abuse and neglect to have them without water, sitting tethered in the sun, no shelter whatsoever," she says.

She says the animals need shelter from the Louisiana heat. "It's very frustrating to see these animals suffer."

Leavy isn't alone. She says animal rights organizations across the country have jumped on board with this battle. "If you cannot provide shelter for the animals then you should not have the animals," she says.

However, the Kissners tell a different story. They say they've received harrassing phone calls about their animals, and they aren't sure why. That's because they believe their animals are built to withstand extreme heat and they have as much water as they need.

Their customers can vouch for them.

"It's not like they're mistreated or not fed or watered," says Mitchell Moses, a regular customer. "I you know somebody who is raising up one kind of animal or another, that's how they are anywhere."

Instead, he says, the animal rights groups might be in the wrong. "They're probably got one or two dogs back at the house and they don't know much about having a bunch of animals at one time."

Leavy says she's done her research, and she won't back down without a fight. "I really don't understand," she says. "I don't understand people like this who refuse to provide the basic necessities for the welfare of their animals."

Leavy says this situation has been a problem for about a year now. She says the Kissners have been contacted several times by various animal organizations about the conditions on their property, but have not put up shelters.

You can see the video that Leavy shot while she was at the feed store at the beginning of August at

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These people are blind to their own negligence to the point of cruelty. Would anyone really expect an animal to drink that horrible green water? The Kissners must not be allowed to own animals. Perhaps if WBR Parish law enforcement issues the Kissners an ultimatum they will give up and seek better homes for their animals.

Yeah, ignorant backwoods hicks like these have NO empathy for anything on this earth other than themselves. When I called him he I told him that I saw it on the video that is all over the internet. He said "I dont care about the internet and the video is lying!" How can a video lie? He probably doesn't even know what the internet is.

I just talked to Mr. Kissner, and he has agreed to sell me a couple of animals, Ya'll can rest assured that those animals will be well fed and watered for at least a week before I eat them.

Oh wow, you are a hilarious um, person? What people like you do not understand is that animal lovers would rather have an animal killed, than suffer, day after day, month after month, year after year. So go right ahead Mr. decaying flesh eater, we dont care.

Agreed, we'd rather have the animals humanely slaughtered and eaten than suffer like this.

It sounds like these people are embarrassed about having all this attention paid to their cruelty and have decided not to back down no matter what or they will be admitting they're wrong. They should definitely have the animals taken away from them, and that the judge returned the animals to them, says some very bad things about the judge.

This is an ONGOING and LONG TERM problem with members of this family. They have a history of severe animal neglect. Google Kissner animal neglect. They have the money to pay attorneys to fight the cruelty charges, so they have the money to provide adequate shelters for the animals if they chose to. But they chose not to. Bottom line... they don't want to "get it", so they should be barred from having any animals at all - period.

They need to be charged with animal cruelty and never allowed to own animals again. I hope the people of that town picket his business and cause such a hardship he will give up. Animal laws are so inadequate and quite frankly suck so people have to take action on their own


Why hasn't Animal Control seized these animals again and taken them away permanently? I know Judge Kleinpeter gave the animals back to them last time, but this is more abuse. It's another case. These folks are treating them like a tied up dog, which is also very bad, but these are big farm animals for heaven's sake! Take the animals away, AC!! I would then hope that someone could rescue them and let them be in pastures with trees and big troughs of water like they need.

Just spoke to him - what an ignorant hick and an embarassment to the whole state.

I cannot believe that these people honestly believe that these animals are okay. Ever notice a field of cows or horses in a pasture. There are usually trees in these fields are pastures and there are usually LARGE water troughs for these animals to drink. I wonder what would happen if we stuck these people out in this weather tied to something scalding hot and see how well they feel after that!!!!! I bet that would change their mind!!!!!! I don't have large animals but i do have several dogs and i make sure they aren't outside too long of a time in this heat and there is always a fresh supply of water for them inside. Come on people and do your research like Pam did!!!

What is so hard about treating a few farm animals well? These people seem to think that a bowl of water if all they need. How hard would it be honestly to give them a really comfortable live, some room to move etc. I grew up on a farm. These people are a disgrace to anyone who understands the natural ways of farm animals and what gives them a happy healthy life. And many many farmers do....even farmers that slaughter often take very good care of the animals right up until a swift kill.

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