35th annual Greater Baton Rouge Cat Show

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Saturday, March 17, 2012 - 8:41pm

"Thirty-five years is a lot of time, and we just try to keep a show going each year," said Greater Baton Rouge Cat Club President, Larry Johnson.

Johnson says every year he sees people’s faces light up when they see the perfect cat from over 30 different breeds.
"To see them in person, you can see a tiger, but when you go to the zoo and see one, you get like...WOW, said Johnson.

Many Kinds of cats won in different categories, like color, fur, and behavior. Breeder Jody Chamber’s Somali, Charger, won second best kitten in show his first time there.
"You've got two greens that are getting second best out of all the kittens, I'm floating high," said Chambers.

She said if there’s a person in need of a cat, there’s plenty to choose from.
"Rag dolls over here, I have short haired orientals over there, I have Maine Coons there, I have Tonkanese over here," she said.

Chambers says, if you want to owning a cat, there’s an easy way to keep track of them.
"They put a chip in (Charger) him, before they even allowed him to go anywhere, and i registered that online, its like a gps and it helps locate them, and you can get your baby back," she said.

Cat Haven Executive Director Wendy Decker says those chips help a lot when it comes to finding lost animals.
"As long as the cat is microchipped and registered it can be reunited with its owner," said Executive Director Decker.
She said the Greater Baton Rouge Area has such a stray problem there’s too many to actually count.
"I can't really give a number of how many homeless cats there are, because there's enough for 5 or 6 rescue organizations to be working full time to help," she said.

Rescue Organizations like Cat Haven said, if you can’t afford one of these pure breeds, you can always adopt.
"There's such an over population in our area, and we want to see all cats have good and loving homes," Decker said.

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