Addis police department gets new equipment

Thursday, February 23, 2012 - 6:38pm

The Addis police department is getting new interrogation equipment.

They are installing two cameras in their interrogation room and one outside of it. They also will be able to watch interogations from a laptop computer and from a t.v. set up in both the chief and assistant chief's offices.. Chief Rickey Anderson is happy they don't have to take suspects up to Port Allen for interrogations anymore.

"Now I think people will be more willing to come in locally, get 'em in and out in twenty minutes, as opposed to dragging 'em up to the sheriff's office and dragging them back. So, this is just going to be a big advantage for the Addis police departmenyt  in terms of helping with cases that we work," says Addis police chief Rickey Anderson.

This is the first time the Addis police have ever had interrogation equipment at their headquarters.

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