Major airline files for bankrupcy

Tuesday, November 29, 2011 - 5:52pm

American Airlines filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy today, but executives said it won't impact the thousands of passengers who fly with the airline every day.

Executives said they're filing for bankruptcy because they need to cut spending, primarily when it comes to the cost of labor.

Contracts force the airline to spend at least $600 million more on labor than other airlines, but negotiations to lower those costs are at a standstill.

NBC33 caught up with several folks flying out of the Baton Rouge Airport this afternoon to get their take on the situation.

Traveler Sandra Buras said, "I was unaware when I booked, but I'm just hoping they're still open when they fly back home."

Frequent flyer Ken Dennis was also concerned, "I live in Dallas actually, so that's the big airline out of that whole metroplex, so (I’m) very concerned."

American Airlines is one of several airlines to file bankruptcy over the last few years, following Delta, United, Continental, and U.S. Airways.

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